Who is Jimm Needle?

Jimm is Delightful! Jimm Needle is driven to create awesome digital media content to match and surpass your expectations. From conception to reality, he will create your businesses next media project from scratch using his unique talents in writing, filming, editing, social media, and web design.

Jimm's personalized process for your future content is guaranteed to surpass the quality of anyone else who isn't delightful. Hit Jimm up through the contact page if you are interested in improving your brand.

In addition to being an independent media creator, Jimm was instrumental in the foundation of two startups companies; Always Delightful Films and Dry Ink Creative. Each of Jimm's ventures is deeply rooted in creative collaboration. Jimm loves to seek out new creative talent to create stellar media and relationships. If you are interested in working with Jimm on a project, please feel free to contact him!

Jimm's Personal Mission

Jimm's personal mission is pretty simple: create awesome digital media solutions for people or companies who are in need. Through a decade of hard work, Jimm has molded his career by succeeding through helping others. Jimm is a graduate of Westminster College and Full Sail University.

On site service

Jimm loves traveling to wherever his clients are located or may be the location for filming. Some of Jimm's clients can be found in D.C., Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Mobile, Los Angeles, and many other locations.

Always Delightful Films

When Jimm founded Always Delightful Film in 2012 he had hopes that it would lead to collaborations with other talented media creators. So far, the results have exceeded his expections. Through AD Jimm has traveled, worked with artists, mentored students, continued his own education and growth, and so much more. Jimm is hoping to expand Always Delightful and find more talented individuals to work with. Are You Delightful?

Dry Ink Creative

Throughout Jimm's work in Always Delightful it became apparent that their clients needed of more than just film, video, and motion graphic content. Thus Dry Ink Creative was created. Dry Ink Creative has become the “mothership”, of the Always Delightful brand. Dry Ink offers the same services as Always Delightful plus web design, branding, and social media content creation and management.

Looking For Collaboration?

Jimm loves to seek out new creative talent in order to create stellar media and grow new relationships. If you are interested in working with Jimm on a project, please feel free to contact him today!